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Welcome To My Author Blog –

This blog is my chance to connect with you, my readers, and vice versa.  Please share, comment, tweet, post and pillage these blogs!

My novel, The Vines We Planted, is being released by Wido publishing. It is available in Kindle form on Amazon and will be released by Amazon in print on May 8.

It’s a moving story of three families whose lives get tangled, like the vines of the wine country in which they live, Sonoma County. The novel weaves together themes of immigration, family secrets, class and cultural social justice issues, adoption, and, of course, wine. (And horses!)

On this author blog I might share quick bursts of stunning creativity. ..Or, more practical Sonoma tidbits such as where to eat incredible food, walk bad dogs, ride a rickety bike and sip feisty Zinfandels.

Occasionally I’ll throw up some thoughts on writing, news on the progress of actually getting my novel into your hands. (Or into the virtual hands of a Kindle or I-pad).

I may review a local writer’s book, announce poetry readings among the vines, or give you some juicy information about Sonoma History, which I am digging into for novel #2.

Or I might just share a photo of the afore-mentioned bad dogs in the absolutely stunning setting of my novel: Sonoma County.