The Untold Story #3

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Come to either or both to hear a bit about the anthology’s “birth” from editor Joanell Serra and meet six of our contributors, who will read short excerpts of their essays. Different readers at each event! Click here for more details on all the events.

I’m excited to share more details about the fabulous contributors to the (Her)oics Anthology in this blog series, The Untold Story.

Ashley Gordon, (Her)oics contributor.

Today we meet Florida writer, Ashley Gordon. Ashley’s essay The Sidewalk explores the issues of identity and motherhood when the lockdown suddenly keeps a working mom home.

Ashley, we are so happy to have you in the anthology. Can you share whether the experience of being in (Her)oics has made an impact in your experience of the pandemic?

My essay is the first creative piece I’ve had published since my master’s program almost eight years ago. To craft words so honestly and have my truth appreciated has led me down a path of rediscovering my love for writing in a fresh way. I’m looking forward to continuing my craft and being published more in the coming years.

Can You Tell us What You Miss Most about Pre-pandemic Life? 

Bright lipstick. Cheering at Miami Hurricanes football games. Wearing high heels. Volunteering at my daughter’s preschool. Getaways with my husband. Drinks and dinner with girlfriends.

Sounds like Pre-pandemic Life was a lot of fun. What’s Helping You Get Through this Time?

Regular workouts (moving my body helps relieve stress), cooking (we have to eat so why not make it mouthwatering?) reading and writing. I usually combine them as I find reading inspires me to write!

Which Readers are You Hoping to Reach with this Essay?

I’m most excited for other moms to read my essay. I know many of us struggled to find a routine, and the stress of being home with children resulted in tantrums by all involved. I want moms to feel seen and to know that missing their career life or struggling with being home isn’t something that should result in guilt. Moms have dreams, desires, and wants too, and it’s healthy for children to witness how we go about fulfilling those, especially with the restrictions currently in place.  

What Do You Feel You’ve Learned from the Pandemic?

I’ve learned to give myself more grace. I’m my toughest critic and have often focused on the tasks I didn’t accomplish instead of acknowledging my daily wins. This past year has allowed me the time to reflect on what’s most important and to not feel guilty for showing up for my family or myself. I hope I never lose sight of accepting how my day has unfolding and knowing that I did exactly what I was intended to do.

Why Should Folks Buy and Read the (Her)oics anthology? 

The stories in this anthology reveal the resiliency, creativity, and strength that women unearth when faced with some of the hardest situations. You’ll be left with a deep feeling of sisterhood and a new appreciation for the women around you that silently struggle and cope every day.